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I would like to use transponder capacity lease service.
Please send your request to below e-mail for detail information:
How do we select equipment when leasing transponder capacity?
Required equipment may vary depending on the customer service requirements. Please ask us through ‘Contact Us’ on the website for more details.
What is the procedure of installation/activation?
The procedure of installation and activation varies depending on the service type. Please check the detailed procedure in the [Service] menu or make an inquiry through the Contact of each service.
Can we not use the service in a poor weather condition?
By applying a technology such as an AUPC (Auto Up-link Power Control) or ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation), we guarantee attenuation due to the changes of atmosphere or climate environment and provide a stable and high-quality service.
How should I respond if a problem occurs in the equipment or communication?
Please contact the phone number of service you are using for your inquiries to be resolved quickly.
○ Fixed land VSAT service : T. +82-041-752-1831
○ Sea service : T. +82-041-751-1829
○ Broadcasting service : T. +82-041-752-1830
○ Managed service : T. +82-041-751-1827
I want to get into consulting. Is there a counseling cost?
No, there isn’t any separate counseling cost.
Is North Korea also within the coverage?
Yes, the entire Korean peninsula is included within all satellite coverage such as KOREASAT 5A, KOREASAT 6, KOREASAT 7, KOREASAT 8 that kt sat owns.
Up to which region is the satellite data service provided?
kt sat provides services to not only Korea but any overseas regions such as Southeast Asia and the Middle East according to customer’s requirement. We need to check the final serviceable areas by discussing the details for each region. Please ask us through ‘Contact Us’.
What are the types of satellite data service line and available speed provided?
kt sat has dedicated satellite data service / satellite internet dataservice(broadband) and provide from a low-speed data service of 512Kbps-2Mbps up to a high-speed data service of 20Mbps-30Mbps.
I’d like to know what kind of equipment there are to use the satellite data service.
kt sat also provides a managed service while providing a satellite data service. However, kt sat provides the service using our customer’s facility as much as possible if customer equips the facility.