About kt sat


KT그룹사,ICT로 필리핀 학교에 새 희망 전달

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Global Satellite Communication company, kt sat, the one and only satellite possessing company, desires to practice coexisting virtue as the company performing best for social responsibilities and improve people’s life qualities with social contribution activities using satellite communication.

Main Activities

  • Future Human Resources Training via Satellite Experience Education
    • Satellite Center Visit Program

      The satellite education center located at Yongin Satellite Control Center offers educations about satellite communications to provide educational opportunities for the satellite communication technologies used at variety fields in our lives.

    • Satellite Related Exhibition Supports

      Satellite communication technology related exhibitions are supported for satellite communication technology to be improved in usage and help to be more useful in our lives.

  • kt sat NoSarang Volunteer Group working together for local community development
    • ‘Sharing sat' Social Contribution Fund Raising

      The ‘NoSarang Volunteer Group’, the executives and staffs volunteer group is participating in ‘Sharing sat’ social contribution fund raising voluntarily to practice service spirit spreading and share managements.

    • Local Community Contributing Activities to Improve Rights of Vulnerable Social Groups

      kt sat is putting efforts to fulfill social responsibilities via volunteer activities of commodity sponsoring, offer educational opportunities, environment cleaning and others at Yongin and Geumsan regions where the centers are located by affiliating with local children center. A social contribution activity agreement was signed with Geumsan community to contribute to regional development via labor-management cooperation.

  • Social Contribution Activities of KT Group with Satellite Communication Technology
    • International Humanitarian Aid Using Satellite Communication Technology

      Two hundred thousand dollars were raised and donated for recovery in Philippines, where had massive damages by typhoon ‘Haiyan’ in 2013. Also, free emergency communication network using KOREASAT 5 was supported to participate international humanitarian aid.

    • Joint Participation of Social Contribution Activities of KT Group

      kt sat is making efforts to contribute to build social safety net by supporting vulnerable social groups with jointly participating in social contribution activities of KT Group. The IT Media class supporting project for elementary school in Philippines carried out together with KT Group, participating in KT Group’s IT supporters and various other activities are being supported and participated.