Busan Maritime Business Center

Busan Maritime Satellite Business Center, leading the development of ship and shore communication in Korea

  • Not only Inmarsat service, but also MVSAT(Unlimited Maritime VSAT) service contributes to efficient & stable ship operation, and improvement in welfares for sailors and crew members.
  • Especially, the maritime satellite communication service of global Ku bandwidth provided by using KOREASAT Satellite and Global Satellite Network is introducing a new maritime culture that is beyond communication.
  • The center is organized with experts in maritime and ship for marketing, sales and consulting. Also, the Center works jointly with Kumsan and Yongin Satellite Control Center for various field service such as installation of communication equipment within ships, training and maintenance.
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72 5bun-Gil, Choongjangdae-Ro, Joong-ku, Pusan Kwangyuk-Si, Korea
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