KT SAT provides advanced teleport services with its experienced high quality operation skills and global network infrastructure for enterprises those who have difficulties in accessing to their satellites.

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  • Service features
    • Highly reliable services via dedicated KT network and internet(Kornet), Global Gateway through KT's submarine cable
    • Service available from 57°E to 180°E according to the geographical advantage of Kumsan Satellite Service Center
    • 24-hrs operation by experts of satellite & ground network with over 50 years of history
    • Over 40 antennas and an equipment room with optimized environment with stable uninterrupted power system
    • Thorough security system through visitor access control and 24-hrs of CCTV recoding

자가시설을 이용해 위성과의 통신이 불가하거나 용이하지 않은 사업자에게 kt sat 시설을 이용해 해당 위성에 대한 관제 및 통신서비스를 제공합니다.

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