About kt sat


We train and develop talented people who challenge the status-quo based on expertise and who are committed to principles and communications. As the member of KT group, we perform four core values : Customer-Centric, Ownership, Communication and Collaboration, Fundamentals and Process

Core Values

  • Customer-Centric

  • Ownership

  • Communication
    and Collaboration

  • Fundamentals and


The person who makes challenges based on community spirit and expertise with devotion of principles and communications

위성전용서비스 (MCPC / SCPC)

Personnel Evaluation

Annual personnel evaluation is composed of performance evaluation and competency evaluation. Performance evaluation is based on individual's annual job performance achievements, while competency evaluation is based on capabilities and potentials. Personnel evaluation includes frequent coaching system to maximize work potential and to help remove obstacles in working environment.
The process of personnel evaluation is as follows:
ㅇ Planning individual's annual goal at the beginning of the year(Plan),
ㅇ Frequent coaching & taking actions to help remove obstacles(Do)
ㅇ Measuring the goal achievements at the end of the year(See).

위성전용서비스 (MCPC / SCPC)

Promotion Policy

Position of the employee is consisted of manger, senior-manager, director and senior-director. Promotions system is focused mainly on work performance in order to promote and motivate employees with excellent performance and capability.