All about Satellite

The Hybrid Solution for true seamlessness and scalability of future connectivity

In the future, all objects will be connected and connectivity will be essential and available everywhere. 


Therefore connectivity service has to be sustainable on any kind of network regardless of what they are.


Service provider should operate different networks in an efficient way, and this is where hybrid solution steps in and plays a key role. 


KT SAT’s hybrid solution is not simple switchover but complete integration of multiple networks which provides stable network connections and true seamlessness without any glitch. 


Not just satellite communication and 5G network, the solution can be applied to any type of satellite and terrestrial network such as LEO, GEO, Mobile network, Fiber, Microwave, Wi-Fi and etc.





It can also be applied in many creative ways where customers need connectivity. Let’s take a look at some use cases of hybrid solution.


First, it’s the mobile service. Mobile network operator can enhance service quality especially for rural areas where maintenance is difficult as using hybrid solution. 


They are also able to optimize usage of backup connectivity through cost-effective hybrid redundancy. 




Second, KT SAT’s hybrid solution can guarantee stable connectivity for mission critical application even when in crisis. 


It supports your business continuity without any blink or glitch in communication.




Third, High quality mobility communication also be supported as hybrid solution selects the most optimal connectivity available wherever the vessel/vehicle is.


Users can enjoy the best experience in their mobility communication.





We live in a connected world- Everyone, and everything is connected to the network. 


Users want seamless connectivity no matter what the mean are. Therefore, it is a key for service provider to integrate different networks as a whole. 


Try to experience KT SAT’s state-of-the-art satellite technology with Hybrid solution.​