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Sun Interference Calculator

A Sun outage, Sun transit, or Sun fade is an interruption in or distortion of geostationary satellite signals caused by interference of the sun.
When the sun falls directly behind a satellite from which an earth station is trying to receive data, it results in increased thermal noise
in the receiving earth station and severely degrades the receiving signal.
Sun outages occur during spring and autumn, each occasion for a few consecutive days and each day for a short amount of time.

To check the sun outage date and time at your earth station,
enter your location (zip code, latitude, longitude, or Google Maps location service) and select the satellite.

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Sun Interference Prediction

※Disclaimer : Due to errors in antenna pointing and beam characteristics, the margin of error is up to ±10 minutes.
The computed duration of sun outage is the period when the earth station and the sun are aligned within 3.0 dB antenna beamwidth in the receive antenna.
For a more precise outage schedule, please contact the KTSAT Global Network Operation Center(GNOC). (E-mail:, Skype: ktsat_noc)