About kt sat

Job Fields

  • Sales & Marketing

    Discover new business and business models by analyzing market and customer demand to provide higher level of customer satisfaction.

    • SalesDomestic AM, Overseas AM, Sales support
    • MarketingPlanMarketing, Marketing Support
  • Technical

    Provide stable satellite communication service to customers, secure orbit/frequency resources and control/operate the satellite.

    Possess professional satellite skills to become global satellite company.

    • Satellite OperationOrbit/frequency control, Satellite development plan, Satellite control, Satellite analysis, Satellite Communication Network operation
    • Service OperationData Service, Broadcasting Service, Maritime Service, Entrusted Service
    • Infrastructure ManagementPlanning for Technical, Facility Management, Control System Management, Power Supply facility Management
  • Managements

    It is the role of managing/supporting management strategy practices by establishing promotion strategies to achieve company’s core value, vision and goal.

    • Business ManagementManagement Planning, Financial Affairs, Public Relations
    • Management SupportHuman Resources, Labor and Management, General Affairs, IT, Contracts, Audits, Legal Affairs