Yongin Satellite Control Center

  • Satellite Monitoring and Control

    Maintaining the satellite position for 24 hours, maneuver(position control) is conducted on a regular basis for orbit adjustments of north & south/east & west directions. Telemetry information and event message from the satellite are collected/managed and universal events such as solar storm, geomagnetic phenomenon are closely monitored.
    Recently launched KOREASAT 7 and 5A is under fine operation through enhanced technology & efficient control system by localizing the system with ETRI.
    • RTS(Real Time Subsystem)
      • Real time remote measurement(Telemetry) and remote command(Telecommand) handling
      • Telemetry, Telemetry analysis(post-handling), generating Telecommands, Telecommand transmission, System control, Database management
    • M&C(Monitoring Control system)
      • Management of Satellite distance measurement system(Ranging) & remote control of RF facility(IF/BB, ANT)
      • Ground facility under 24 hour supervision for immediate troubleshooting and error handling
  • Satellite Operation and Analysis

    Confirmation on satellite orbit, maneuver planning, creating event calendar are carried out along with operation/analysis on the satellite position/control and subsystem.
    By localizing FDS(Flight Dynamic Subsystem) with ETRI, detailed orbit analysis and control is feasible for recently launched KOREASAT 7 and 5A.
    • FDS(Flight Dynamic Subsystem)
      • Main functions of analyzing and controlling the satellite orbit, system management, and refining utility
  • Operation of ground equipment

    Operation and Maintenance of H/W such as IF/BB, RF, Antenna as well as S/W such as server, workstation, etc.
  • Operation of Satellite Network Transponder

    Verification test on customers earth station, analysis/restoration of transponder errors and 24 hour of advanced monitoring system by Monics S/W. Best service with technical support and customer management for customer satisfaction.
    • Monics
      • Monitoring RF signal of antenna and detecting normal/abnormal signals
      • Rapid corresponding by 24-hr operation of transponder