Kumsan Satellite Service Center

  • Satellite Service

    As being Asia’s largest satellite communication center with large antennas and communication facilities, the Center provides Data Service(VSAT), Video Service, Maritime Service(MVSAT, Inmarsat), and DTH transmit Service. Customer supports are available 24/7 by having experienced engineers who are capable of multi-national communication.
  • Teleport Service

    • Teleport Service from the Indian Ocean(57°E) to the Pacific Ocean(180°E) are available with over 40 antennas located in kt sat facility.
    • Global network is built with six submarine cables and 14 PoPs around the world.
    • 24 hour support is available through satellite & ground network experts.
  • Integration of Operation/Support system

    • With GNOSS(Global Network Operation Support System), the Center operates systematically in managing antenna/related facilities, testing line-ups, handling VOCs, troubleshooting, operation analysis and others.
    • Information regarding each remote site and fault analysis are databased with GNOSS System for rapid actions to minimize customer inconvenience.
  • Customer Support

    • Personal visits to polar regions, remote areas and customer sites around the globe are made for preventative inspections and maintenances.
    • 24 hour remote support service is provided for maximum customer satisfaction.