As a sole Distribution Partner of Inmarsat, KT SAT provides reliable maritime communications.

The only AAIC(KR01) for Inmarsat in Korea, which handles subscription/cancel/distribution of Inmarsat service.

  • Fleet Xpress(FX)

    Ka-band based High speed maritime satellite communication service
    Unlimited global data service through Ka-band and L-band backup

  • FB(Fleet Broadband)

    Mobile maritime satellite service using fourth generation Inmarsat

  • Global Satellite Phone Service(GSPS)

    Phone that is able to make/receive calls without any limit on regions by using Inmarsat satellites

  • BGAN

    Satellite service for land mobile that can transmit data files of pictures and images

  • Fleet One

    Prepaid satellite service of voice/data transmitting for small littoral ships

  • M2M

    Narrowband transmitting service between lands and seas

  • Service Features
    • Voice telephone & additional services(Voicemail, conference call for maximum of 5 people, call forwarding, call waiting)
    • Prepaid service with vouchers
    • 505 emergency rescue service(505#, Salvage & Rescue Center)

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