IFC(In-Flight Connectivity)

By using network of KOREASAT and other satellite, communication service within flights is feasible all around the world.

Koreasat 위성망과 타 위성망을 이용하여 전세계 어느 지역으로 여행하든 항공기내에서 위성을 이용한 통신 서비스가 가능합니다.

  • Service Diagram
    • MVSAT 서비스와 결합된 다양한 부가솔루션을 제공하여, 선원의 복지 향상, 선박 관리 효율 증대, 비용절감에 기여합니다.
  • Service Features
    • service for passengers :

      By setting WiFi environment within the aircraft, messaging & internet service is provided for smartphone, notebook, tablet PC of passengers

      • Messaging : Service of text-based messaging during the flight
      • In-flight internet : time-based service with email & internet access besides messaging during the flight
    • airline admin service :

      service that provides real-time information of flight status including credit card processing within the aircraft

      • service of pay-as-used with separate accounts assigned

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