Value-Added Service

KT SAT offers one-stop maritime satellite communication to merchant shipping and fishing vessels. With 50 years of experience, KT SAT provides high quality maritime connectivity with diverse value-added solutions by considering the shipping environment.

MVSAT 서비스와 결합된 다양한 부가솔루션을 제공하여, 선원의 복지 향상, 선박 관리 효율 증대, 비용절감에 기여합니다.

  • Shipoffice

    Shipmail, Anti-virus, Black list/White list, Web-filtering browser

  • VoIP

    High quality voice with QOS, Free extension call among user groups

  • Sea Black-box

    Realtime/High quality Video Recording Remote searching and playing of the video

  • VNMS

    Vessel location based solution self-developed by kt sat which provides tracking & automatic location information by collecting the data of vessel’s location, direction, and speed

  • Live broadcasting

    Watch live TV news on board 24/7 KT SAT deliver the HD live broadcasting service to the customer using our maritime connectivity. No need to install additional TV antenna on board.

    • Service region: Asia-Pacific and Middle East
    • TV Channel: KBS Korea, YTN, etc.
  • Vessellink

    Vessellink with KT SAT’s MVSAT can reduce the burden on the crew and the fuel oil consumption and also support International regulations from IMO/EU through automating the process of vessel data input.

    • For Ship
    • Automated data reporting system
    • Reducing fuel oil consumption based on data analysis
    • Data verification system
    • For Shore
    • Intelligent fleet monitoring system
    • Marine weather forecast service
    • Management of fuel oil consumption
    • Vessel performance analysis services
  • APMS

    Data usage management system developed by KT SAT which could be used for controlling data usage per the crew and also supports Bring-Your-Own-Device.

  • Service Features

    Supporting data-driven decision making

    Encouraging safety of navigation

    Improving business efficiency

    Satisfying and Supporting international regulation

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